Dj Set for July 2020 (From Yatagan Records – Italy)

1)Furthersoul (Biatchslap)
2) Audiojack (Are We Here) 8Bit
3) Jay-x (Kick Attach – Fader Effect) Yatagan Records
4) Atesh K. (Hide and Seek) Regular Beats Records
5) DEVN6 (6 Games) Brain Pain Records
6) Gaa Goi (Vortex)
7) Jay-x (Level Control – Fader Effect) Yatagan Records
8) Alex Stein (Speed Of Lights) Terminal M
9) Dj Jordan (Natural Beauty) Hungry Koala Rec
10) Mittens (New Age Conspiracy)Kraft Recordings
11) Dat Vila (With You) Urbangroove Records
12) Thomas Hoffknecht (Relax) KD Raw
13) Jay Lumen (Contact) Octopus Records