Dj Set Podcast Episode 16 – (From Yatagan Records – Italy)


1) Jay-x (Double Quantization) Aesthetics Records
2) Dykstra (Oblivion) Redlof Records
3) Patrik Berg (New System) Terminal M
4) T.Y.L. (Black Lights) Fingers Records
5) Kos:mo, Alchemiah (Rising Hope) 1605 Records
6) Mara Sander (Natural Cycles) Better With You Music
7) Jay-x (Orgital Inclination) Yatagan Records
8) Cosmic Boys (In My Ming) Legend Records
9) Goncalo M (Elm Street) Intuition Recordings
10) Goncalo M, Destro (Past Encounter) Global Techno Movement Records
11) Jay-x (Loop Infinity) Aesthetics Records
12) Fabrication (Blotter Spotter) Senso Sounds
13) Co-Fusion (Arcturus) Harthouse Recors
14) Meat Katie, Elite Force (Lazer) Lowering The Tone Rec