Alessio Marchetti in art Jay-x was born in Rome in 1973. Attending the locals of the Romagna Riviera as a teenager, he realizes how much he is in love with music. The world of the night fascinates him so much that he decides to undertake the profession of DJ that begins in 1992 in a Roman Radio. Here the House is directed and channeled more and more into a specific musical typology, which also re-presents itself in the best rooms of the capital and not only. His passion for music led him to experiment with new sounds even in the recording field. He worked for m2o, national radio dance at the «UMC» project for about 7 years. He currently works for his label (Yatagan Records), and collaborates with other labels including: Chola Records Group (Spain – Ibiza) – IBmusic (Spain – Ibiza) – Subtrack Rec (Italy) – Wout Rec. (Italy) – Tendenzia Rec – Bassmint Music Inc. (USA). At the end of May 2020 I obtained three certificates for an advanced Mixing & Mastering course at the Mat Music Academy in collaboration with the Music Alliance Academy in Las Vegan. Teacher: Luca Pretolesi.
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