Dj Set for December 2020 (From Yatagan Records – Italy)

1) SiChill (Overcoming)
2) Jay-x (Speed Contact) Yatagan Records
3) Sketchh (Enter The Darkness) Kleckse Rec
4) Josh Holiday (Acido) The Seed Underground
5) Alex Stein (Headrush) Terminal M
6) Atesh K (Pulse Stream)
7) Jay-x (Sequence Loop) Chola Records Group
8) DualEego (Distant Humans) Kraft Recordings
9) George Acosta (19 Breaks)
10) Seeds (Under My Skin)
11) 10STM (Ukiyo) Morpheus Black Rec
12) Lorely Mur (Brain Drain Daydreamer)
13) Mondragon (Be Again) Future Techno Rec