Dj Set for April 2020 (From Yatagan Records – Italy)

1) Erdem Yetim (Anxiety)
2) Jay-x (You Are My Dream – Rmx 2019)
3) Celec (Alarm Signal)
4) Flashhood (Acid Freak)
5) Supernova (Deep Side Of Things) 8 Bit
6) Jay-x (Global Efficient) Yatagan Records
7) Jay-x (Touch Sensitive) Yatagan Records
8) Beico (Bleeding Heart) Terminal M
9) Klines (Emyrean) Gryphon Recordings
10) Rave Syndicate (Progression is life Freak) Mechanikal Rec
11) The Second Wave (True Light) Future Techno Records
12) OC & Verde (Magicians Of The Gods) Terminal M