Stefano Fabbro aka Phari, born in 1995. He comes from a small village in the province of Udine. Since his childhood, music was his first love; he began to study piano and guitar and over time he became aware of the world of djing. At the age of 14 he gets his hands on his first console and since then he understands that electronic music is his life; he begins to produce his first tracks, ranging from one genre to another for the pure pleasure of creating music until he establishes himself at House / Tech House / Techno music. From there people begin to know him: the first evenings in famous clubs, artists who get in touch and openings to special guests. At the end of the school, he decided to pursue his studies in Trieste, "MNT - Musica Nuove Tecnologie" to graduate in Sound Engineering. From there, every day Phari, experiments new sounds and new instruments to make its productions always different and always original, trying to always maintain a style all its own. In the following years Phari has collaborated with many artists such as: Lysa Chain, Dave March, Gazz, and other talents and also played in mainstage along with: Mazare, MSFT and many others. He founded "Anima", together with his friends and colleagues, a format where Djs and producers perform in the various territories of Italy enhancing the territory. In addition, every week he publishes his podcast "Tech My House" which airs every Friday on a station in the province and on Mixcloud. He works closely with various local and various services as a sound engineer. "Be different" Phari Info & Booking | Labels: Stereophonic Refill Music Data Tech Looper Records Votiva Records On Circle Music
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