Ogandi Ramos

Ogandi Ramos was born in Pinar del Rio (Cuba) in 1971 where he took his first steps as a musician. He started studying piano and violin at the age of 10 and some years later he finished the School for Art Instructors of Pinar del Rio where he studied piano and percussion. He is one of the founders of the Jazz Club and he represented his school at several editions of the International Festival of Havana, bringing it to a very high quality music level. After he got his degree, with excellent results, he moved to La Havana, the capital of Cuba, where he shared his experience with great musicians. Here he had the opportunity to play and show his potential and ability as arrangement and music director, as well as the chance to perform with famous bands. In 1996 he came to Europe as musician and Dj and played in many countries such as: Austria, France, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Greece, Czech Republic, Macedonian Republic, Kosovo, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy, where he now lives. In 2019 he started following with passion his new project as Owner and producer of Oshun Records and Oshun Deep Labels.
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