Luciano Marchese

Luciano Marchese Luciano born and raised in Naples (IT), he started to collect Electronic music, EBM, Dark, New Wave and Underground vinyl records since early ‘85, and very soon by dancing at Italian house parties. As DJ since ‘92, he got his attention from the popular Neapolitan clubbing scene, after-hours, and raves, as a pioneer Trance, Prog, and Techno experimental DJ. He is historically a pioneer DJ founder of Neapolitan Techno, Trance, and Progressive style. Also Mentioned in books as pioneer DJ, he performed in several cult venues around Naples like Space Race afterparties, Old River, Velvet, and E.C.U. in Rimini, Kings in Ancona. He also joined several video projects for TV, Radio, and Web. For him the video is about to add a dimension to the music. After moving to London, and then Haarlem in The Netherlands on 2005, and to Amsterdam on 2006, he has been playing in several places around Naples, Amsterdam, Budapest, Ibiza, London, and Myknos in venues, bars, festivals and radio shows like Paradiso (AMS - NL), Patronaat (Haarlem - NL), Ruigoord (AMS - NL), VIP ( Haarlem - NL), 't Schuim (AMS - NL), Burning Man NL 2016, BM NL 2017, EYE Museum (AMS - NL), ImagineImagine The Church (AMS - NL), LightHouse (AMS - NL), Immersioni Sonore Radio Show (NA - IT), Radio Onda Web (NA -IT), DiscoDays - Palapartenope (NA - IT), NYE 2017 ( Formia - IT), Es Pla Pool Party (Ibiza - ES), Cafe DIEP (AMS - NL), Club UP (AMS - NL), Shanty (NA - IT), 5oBAR (Budapest - HU), Equinox (AMS - NL), LAB111 (AMS - NL). A live dance entertainer, his music is influenced from the cosmopolitan Amsterdam lifestyle and moods. Innovative mind, his style goes around several ones like Chill-out, Lounge, House, Italo, Balearic, Deep-House, Soulful, Tech-house, Trance, Progressive, Experimental and Techno. Since 2013, he is running its own music label MooM Music. His production is made of music tracks, and DJ Sets, as his own live DJ live performances are a real production based on DJ live artist abilities DJ sets : Mixcloud : Online Music Stores : Luciano on Beatport : Luciano on Spotify : The MooM Music Online catalog can be found here : MooM Music on JunoDownload : MooM Music on Beatport : Press Kit :
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