Cem Ozturk, who was born in lovely "Istanbul", is a Turkish DJ & Producer... His first relation with electronic music began in early 2000s, by listening as an audience... After a while he realized that this was not only a music, but more than this... It contains systematic beat discipline, profundity and has own philosophy in itself. According to him, listening this music was a speciality for anyone... And then this began to turn into a passion and obsession for him... It was the moment that he decided, listening was no longer enough... He should have done something, to become a part of this formation... For sure, he decided to be a DJ because DJ'ing was the most important role; basically, they were the headliners... Spending days and nights, without sleeping and very hard working, in 2002 his dream came true and he started playing his warm-up sets in famous clubs of Istanbul... The big love, he was feeling about Techno for a long time, made him decide choosing his genre so easily; without thinking twice... He has played in most of the clubs and festivals in Istanbul until today.. Currently spining his radio show on Wednesdays, between 00.00-01.00 (GMT3) on RADIO FG 93.8 the best electronic music station in Turkey... For summer time, he also plays @"W” Hollywood Rooftop Club and Club AVALON in Los Angeles... Nowadays, his "Hyperion Series" Mixtapes usually performes on top of Mixcloud Techno Chart... His biggest aim and concentration at the moment is being a succesfull and well known producer... The main genre he adores from past to moment is "Techno" for sure... Besides that, he sometimes prefers "Progressive House" which contains dark, deep and melodic sounds... By playing these tracks in higher BPM's, allows him to create his own style and transforms the identity of the set into whole another kind of a thing. A different genre... His deep & groovy sound, which is supported by eligible bass and kicks, is essential for him and adds quality to his performances... When his brilliant mixing skills and long duration mixes added, he never lets the energy drop down in his sets... Although "Beatmatching" is the most important thing for him , he also mentions that the methods while playing, are not important today... Nobody cares, whether you play with Sync, Traktor, Vinyl or Live Mixing. The important thing as a result today is, what you play. The "Music"...
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