Clara Cibera

Clara Cibera is from Frankfurt / Main(Germany) and have been involved in electronic music for almost 14 years. She plays techno, dark techno and now hard techno since 3 years, just from everyone something. Her message is to take the crowd on a trip and send you home with a smile. She started to deal with electronic music at the age of 15 and lives / loves electronic music for about 14 years. Their first appearance began in 2013 in the Waggon in Offenbach. In bars / lounge or at birthday parties you are currently booked. She was also booked as a warm up in the club in Berlin AVA. But in 2016 she managed to get a gig in Vienna in the canteen. There she could prove her skills and could pull the people with her selection of the tracks into the dance floor. The music is your passion, which is also heard in your sets. Among other things, you were among the top 20 in the competition for the 1st All European DJ Championships for KroneHIT in Austria. From 2017 onwards she started as a Hobbymusiker and is currently at the Music School in the EMS-Electronic Music School in Cologne and is studying the production and composing as well as sound engineering.
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