Aurelio Mendoza

Aurelio is a NYC based DJ and producer who is bringing new and fresh energy to the techno scene. Living in NYC gave Aurelio unique exposure to a wide variety of music including Hip-Hop, Latin, Rock and Electronic. He uses these diverse musical influences to breed his own take on the modern techno palette. Aurelio masterfully blends the lines of electronic genres by embodying the best qualities of house, techno and trance. The organic sounds of house, the synthetic textures of techno and the euphoric melodies on trance are just some of the motifs that are incorporated into Aurelio’s music. As a DJ in NYC, Aurelio has circuited the local scene for the past 5 years to begin his journey as an artist. With shows at notable venues including Pacha NYC, Space Ibiza NYC, Verboten, Output and TBA, he has been able to bring his sound to a larger audience. 2017 saw Aurelio expand his domestic reach in the USA by traveling to Denver and performing at Beta Nightclub. 2018 proved to be a breakout year, as he took his music overseas for the first time to Amsterdam, Bosnia and Lithuania. Aurelio also continuously establishes himself as a talented producer having already worked with labels including IAMT, Bubblejam, De-Noize and SoultStorm. Drawing support from artist including UMEK, Sasha Carassi, and Skober has proven that Aurelio’s take on techno is becoming rousingly popular. The future lies brightly ahead as this new artist embarks to leave his sonic signature.
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