Hybrid Live Set performer influenced by Industrial, Drone, Noise, Deep, and Melancholic Techno. Anechoic began to take an interest in underground music in 2006, and marked a warm-up in an emblematic place of the Spanish scene: Le Rachdingue, in 2007. He produces a very versatile techno Hybrid Live inspired by mental textures, industrial soundscapes and drones, and dark and melancholic tones. He has signed several releases on international labels like: Experimental Label (DE), Intersum (UK), Underdub Records (PT), TDF Records (CA/FR), and future releases on Konsequent Records (DE), Solemne Records (UK), etc. He has invested various Parisian spots, and has been invited several times to play in raves in Île-de-France. Sharing his techno music perspective with the audience is something that transcends him. Anechoic is influenced by Industrial, Deep, Melodic, Mental, Drone, and Noise... Forming a massive leap in sound that joins the dots between his previous material with intricate basslines, beautiful melodies and hypnotic rhythms. Devoted to sound-design, he builds hypnotic loops with "drony" and disturbing tones, luring the audience into the darkest corners of their mind. This leaves an equally lasting impression on those who were there to experience it.
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