The Apparition Show, 13th Edition, with Yannu (UK) and Oyhopper

Welcome to the 13th edition of The Apparition Show. The UK based dj Yannu will be playing hard and relentless techno for us for the first hour, and Oyhopper finishes it off to make it two hours of quality, underground techno.

Yannu (UK) is a resident DJ of the Sentement Events in Birmingham. Enjoy her hard, pulsating and hypnotizing set, exclusive for The Appartition Show.

Set list Oyhopper (Hour 2)

01. JollyJ – The Raid (Pitch! Remix) [Future Techno Records]
02. Monolyth – Omnia Temporaria (Original Mix) [STRISCTRX]
03. BFVR – Coagulated Blood (Original Mix) [Eclipse Recordings]
04. Vegim – Lyth (Original Mix) [Emphatic Records]
05. Phase Fatale – Binding By Oath (Original Mix) [Ostgut Ton]
06. Grimmaldika – Human Jungle (Original Mix) [Subwoofer Records (OTB)]
07. Extracto – 22.22 (Original Mix) [Fluctuat Records]
08. BRÄLLE – Smokestack Acid [ Mephyst]
09. Balrog – Balrog – Lambs To The Slaughter [ KR RECORDS ]
10. Rave Syndicate – There Is No Escape
11. British Electronic Institution – Late Night Industry (Kenny Campbells’s Late Night Smelting mix)
12. Oyhopper – Anthropogenic [Fluctuat Records ]
14. Vermisst – Zukunft [ Horo]