Jon Connor – Live @ OTTO BASHO KAOHSIUNG – TAIWAN – April 2022

1 Slak – I See The Light Slak Trilogy Of Reasons EP (incl. Adlas Remix)
2 Cri Du Coeur – Perfusion (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix) FLASH Recordings Cri Du Coeur – Perfusion EP
3 Pull Up (Original Mix) Harvey McKay Organism EP
4 Archive 81 – DJ D ReDD (Jerome Baker Remix) DJ D ReDD ARCHIVE 81
5 Solar System (Extended Version) Ramon Tapia Solar System
6 Inhabitant Linear Phase Definition Loss
7 Submarine Gary Beck Submarine
8 Myriad _r00t_ Myriad (Original Mix)
9 Space Agency (MNLR Remix) DJ WestBeat Pulsar: Techno Essentials 2020
10 Launch Xander (US) Launch
11 Rush Mario Ochoa Rush
12 The Occupants (MNLR Remix) Samuel L Session The Occupants
13 X10 (Alex Rampol) Atze Ton Intoxication Album (The Remixes)
14 Solitude Ghost in the Machine 100%% of Missin’ You
15 Take Control Frank Biazzi Take Control EP
16 Agroo Seeker MNLR Agroo Seeker / Mutanoid
17 Distant Noises MNLR Master Cuts Vol.5
18 Aurelio Mendoza – Sonic Doses
19 First Answer Dast (Italy) Icon Vibration
20 Orchestryy (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix) Robert Armani, Dolby D DOLMA REMIX 7 YEARS TWO
21 Mirage NSXSC, Onelas, Stephan Krus Mirage EP [INSVEP010]
22 Zero Dayz Infected Minds (Atonal Structures Remix)
23 HYDRULIX 129 Balrog Step Up Time
24 Ishimura ICD-10 Irregular Cerebral Device
25 Space Research Simone Tavazzi Best Of 2021
26 Stucked On The Bronx Giselh Rebirth Process LP