HYPE Techno Podcast | #13 | January 2023

It is January, so it is time of New Year resolutions, fresh starts, fresh energy, new goals, new ideas, and new beginnings. I am personally still working on my New Year resolution, slowly filling in all the areas I would like to improve on all aspects of my life and then I am gonna turn it into daily, weekly and monthly habits. It is not an easy exercise to be honest, but smart people say it works, so lets see. Also, I have several exciting objectives with HYPE Techno brand and You will learn about it very very soon. But now, to the music! In compare with last month and fast hypnotic raw techno, this month I made rather selection of quite melodic, but still very strong and heavy tracks. Expect sound of Teenage Mutants, AKKI, Dok and Martin, Alignment, Umek, The Yellowheads, Layton Giordani, Sara Simonit, HOF, Kai Tracid, A*S*Y*S, and Mau P in Reinier Zonneveld remix. Within Czech Techno showcase we have another friend of mine, Mr. Ian Kita and his unreleased track Spooky Lights. As piece of history I have added OXIA – Domino, one of my favourite set finishing tracks I was used to play as the last one. So this is January episode. Additionally I would like to thank you all for tuning into Hype techno podcast! Thousands of you are listening on SoundCloud and I so much appreciate that. If You want to listen with benefits, please try Apple Podcasts App if you have an iPhone or Google Podcasts app if you have an Android. You just install the app, find hype techno podcast and immediatelly get many benefits. Try it my techno family. So once again, Happy New Year everyone! And now, lets kick January techno. Lets go!