Dave Baker: Melodic Techno February 2021

Twenty top techno tunes of the melodic kind, featuring Tears For Fears, Morgan Freeman and a remix of Joey Beltram’s ‘Energy Flash’ that will bring the house down! What a combination!

You don’t have to be a techno fanatic to love these laidback tracks that are halfway between the monthly chillout mixes and the Techno Sessions series.

This is very different to last month’s mix as I’ve slowed this one down and made it more of a progressive set. Enjoy!

1. Soft core (Original Mix) – Stil & Bense [Project 13]
2. Rescue (Original Mix) – Vanita [KATERMUKKE]
3. Love Me Back (Original Mix) – Ucleden [EKORD]
4. Utopie (Murat Uncuoglu Remix) – Rottler, Timo Maas [Stripped Down Records]
5. Deja Vu (Original Mix) – Forest On Stasys [Harmony Rec]
6. Cramp (Original Mix) – EdOne [Bedrock Records]
7. Polaris (Original Mix) – Rokazer [Mirror Walk]
8. Neptune (Original Mix) – Aree [Mirror Walk]
9. Illusion (Raphael Mader Remix) – Roumex [Somatic Records]
10. Slowly Drowning (Betical Remix) – Eleonora, UNDERHER [IAMHER]
11. Sketch (Original Mix) – Denis Keiner, Fabian Vieregge [Dear Deer]
12. Akame (Original Mix) – Hells Kitchen, Da Fresh [Awen Records]
13. Fantasy (Original Mix) – Aree [Mirror Walk]
14. Interior Mind (Contessa Remix) – Idem Zerum [Wulfpack]
15. Immortali (Original) – Mia Mendi, OIBAF&WALLEN [Blindfold Recordings]
16. Want You to Love (Original Mix) – Freddy Be, Freaky Chakra [Monday Social Music]
17. Energy Flash – Cyan Aura [Promo, Automation Nation] RELEASE DATE: MARCH 19
18. Lacus (Original Mix) – Apo Tulup, RMNY [Whole Story Lab]
19. Magnus (Extended Mix) – Estiva [Colorize (Enhanced)]
20. Time Flies (Original Mix) – J-JAM [Kitu Records]