How to get more plays on SoundCloud

We have found a way to get all the plays we get on all our platforms to go to your sets on SoundCloud. That is why I have prepared this video to enable the RSS feed for your profile.

Step 1:


Then you will have to make sure that each of your sets have the “Include in RSS Feed” option enabled:

Step 2:


We will add this RSS link for you on the best podcast platforms like:
– iTunes Podcast
– Google Podcast
– Amazon Alexa
– Deezer
– Castbox
– iHeart Radio
– Tune In
and many more..

As we mentioned before, this will cause us to get more plays for the sets posted on your SoundCloud account and also avoid duplicate sets on that platform.

You can also continue to request the repost service for your sets on SoundCloud from your dashboard on our platform. 🙂

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