MiSiNKi is Mike Molokhia, a British DJ and acclaimed Producer. With nearly 100 mainstream releases across the pool of House and Techno. The time has come for MiSiNKi to follow his true passion of the harder side of the Techno spectrum. MiSiNKi has had consistent gigs across a broad range of venues. A regular on the London techno circuit, the length of the UK (Proper Techno, Leicester), and beyond. A true crowd pleaser with his blend of intricate, pulsing, techno that has continually kept dance floors moving. MiSiNKi’s productions have been supported by a huge number of artists across a number of genres. He has carved a reputation in the studio for producing quality, percussion-driven, intelligent, Techno. Ten EPs (and two LPs) have already been signed for early 2019 on reputable European labels, including independent releases on ‘The YellowHeads’ - Reload, 'D.A.V.E. The Drummers' – Hydraulix and 'Spartaques' – IAMT to name a few. His production talents have even stretched as far as Costa Rica, landing a full LP with the Meli Rodriguez run ‘Puchero Records’. 2019 also saw the birth of MiSiNKis incredible 'Mechanikal' label which has already seen releases from some of the Techno worlds elite, such as Devid Dega and Dino Maggiorana. MiSiNKi is taking no prisoners this year, with Top10 chart success, big productions, big performances and big sound ….it’s time for MiSiNKi to truly show the world what he is capable of.
25 sets,