Luke Di Lullo

Passion Creativity and knowledge are the strong points of Luke Di Lullo that during the years has improved his skills on mixing and discovering new musical waves.Charmed by all the expressive musical forms, He devotes most of his time to research new vibrations to show on through his record label silent storm founded in 2012 alongside his partner in crimes Emanuele Millozzi, where he hosted some of the most relevant producers of the whole electronic music industry like Brendon Moeller, D. Carbone, Black Asteroid, Urbano, Skober, Tom Laws, A.Paul, Michel Lauriola, Chris Page, Torsten Kanzler, Dj Emerson, Frank Biazzi and Sven Wittekind to name a few,discovering new raising talents too.His latest production alongside his Emanuele Millozzi released on may 8th 2019 in collaboration with T78, reached the top ranking of the beatport techno top 100 chart, hitting also the overall one and still doing well after 3 months by the release, getting a big exposure in the electronic music scene, capturing the attention of some big artists like Umek and Felix Krocher.Actually Luke is working on new projects in his imprint, focusing to his next releases on his label and others.
6 sets,