John Allen

A promising upcoming DJ and Producer that is turning heads, infusing his Techno sets with an unmatched, feel-good, energising atmosphere that you experience right down to your core. His musical expression is a force to watch out for. Picking up on Techno, Psytrance and Tech House vibes he artistically creates truly unique sets that are an intimate, whole-body, sensory delight. His sets ‘bring a fresh spin to Techno story telling’ as he likes to say. He believes that music is a journey through your soul, elevating you to new levels with every bassline, beat and rhythm you hear. A true risk taker with roots in the military, John Allen has recently embarked on a journey to rediscover his deep-rooted passion for music and DJ’ing that existed deep within him from a young age. Hailing from Darlington, UK, you can catch John Allen playing live sets around the social media scene especially in the current climate. A cutting-edge producer and DJ is emerging on the scene rearing to go - John Allen has arrived
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