Sebastian Góngora & Daniel Góngora AKA "ARGOTYPE" In 2016, brothers Daniel and Sebastián Góngora (musicians, sound engineers and producers) created a project influenced by diverse musical movements and trends, including iconic rock bands such as Pink Floyd with its synthesizers and recent melodic influences from record labels such as Drumcode and Pryda. Many names are then suggested for this project - one of them distinctly stands out: Argotype.It the result of merging two generations of artists sharing a common passion Electronic music culture, its development and evolution, have been essential to Daniel's life since 1990's whereas its more recent components and latest trends are contributed by Sebastian, who also leads the live shows (DJ and Live Set). Argotype is a electronic music with robust sounds and derivations towards melody, its identify aims to convey unparalleled experiences in those moments when nothing else comes to exist.
8 sets,