Dave Baker Jackin Disco Funk April 2021

1. Shined On Me feat. Andrea Love (Les Bisous Extended Remix) – Praise Cats, Andrea Love [Subliminal]
2. Losers (Purple Disco Machine Remix) – Balthazar [Play It Again Sam]
3. Get on Up (Original Mix) – Martina Budde [Groovy Firehorse 66]
4. Get To You (Original Mix) – Da Funk Junkies [CRMS Records]
5. Feel The Funk (Original Mix) – James Silk [Disco Filter Records]
6. Sometimes (Original Mix) – St.Luke [Wicked Wax]
7. Here We Go Again (Original Mix) – Rick Marshall, Discoloverz [Disco Down]
8. Heart Is Full (Original Mix) – Da Funk Junkies, Harvee [InStereo Recordings]
9. Love Freez (Original Mix) – Jekkie [Play And Tonic]
10. The Partymaker (Original Mix) – George Kelly, Vaudafunk [Juiced Music]
11. Like It (Original Mix) – Paco Caniza [Antani Music Recordings]
12. Groovy Jazzy Funky (Original Mix) – Deftone [Loser Lab]
13. Let’s Dance (Original Mix) – DJ Fopp, Daniele Danieli [BeLove]
14. Brazillian Flange (Original Mix) – Housego [One Track Mind]
15. Do You Funky (Original Mix) – Max Esposito [Groovy Riddim Records]
16. Let Me Hear It (Original Mix) – Raffaele Ciavolino [Onako Records]
17. The Big Funk Jam (Original Mix) – HP Vince [Blockhead Recordings]
18. Ain’t Gonna Let You Go (Extended Mix) – Gangs of Naples, Di Saronno [Material]
19. The Mighty Douglas (Doug’s Godbizniss Mix) – Dave Lee, Doug Willis [Z Records]
20. Funky F (Original Mix) – Christian Cheval [Whore House]
21. Why Did You Do It Feat. Funk Allstars (Original Mix) – Block & Crown [Sophisticated Elite]
22. Pull Up To My Bumper (NUDISKO Club Mix) – Block & Crown [Let’s Play Music]
23. Boogie Nights (Original Mix) – Block & Crown [Mastermix Records]
24. She Takes My Money (Original Mix) – Richard Grey [G*High]
25. Back Again (Extended Mix) – Sweet LA [Zulu Records]
26. I Don’t Know Anybody Else (Original Mix) – Martina Budde, Deaf Lion [Tullido Records]
27. Mama Used To Say (Original Mix) – Richard Grey [Record Union]
28. The Way It Is (Original Mix) – Block & Crown [Omerta]
29. Touch Your Body (Original Mix) – Luca Debonaire [Next-Gen-Records]
30. Heaven Earth (Extended Mix) – Laurent Simeca, Stephan M [PornoStar Records]
31. Everyday Of My Life (Original Mix) – Nari [PornoStar Records]
32. Get Here (Original Mix) – Martina Budde, Her Son [Deep Firehorse 66]